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FIR Therapy For: 

Do your fingers "Snap", "Crackle" & "Pop"?

Trigger Finger Treatment - Far Infrared Gloves

Trigger Finger Hard to Straighten

Your Trigger Finger is bothering you, maybe just a painless popping annoyance or you could be experiencing severe dysfunction where your finger is continuously locking up. You know, it’s the result of overuse and the irritated swollen tendon keeps catching on the tunnel (flexor sheath) every time you try to straighten your finger and/or thumb.

How do you treat this?

The goal with any trigger finger treatment is to eliminate the catching or locking and allow full movement of your finger or thumb without painful discomfort. Swelling around the flexor tendon and tendon sheath must be reduced to allow smooth gliding of the tendon.

Okay… I’m Going To Give It To You Straight…

If you suffer from “trigger finger” or "trigger thumb" (Flexor Tendinitis), no matter what stage you’re at, far infrared therapy can help! That's right, far infrared rays emitted and reflected from our unique patented Prolotex™ Gloves will help reduce swelling in the flexor tendons of your fingers and thumbs. “FIR” is natural, completely safe, and is proven to increase microcirculation, reduce swelling, relieve pain, and release toxins.

What I like about Prolotex Gloves

1st off the customer service was GREAT. Katherine answered my questions to the fullest and got me ordering the right gloves for my needs. Also spoke with the manager who was just as wonderful I was searching on line last week about home remedies for trigger finger, I have it in my middle finger on left hand and thumb on right hand. I came across this site. I did some reading, then made a call to get more info. In the end I ended up buying a bundle pack, which is a set of the closed finger, open finger and wrist band. I wear the closed during the night, and the open while working or typing. I have not tried the wrist band yet. Well after only 1 day of wearing these gloves I am able to make a fist with my left hand something I have not been able to do in over a year.

Would I recommend these glove to anyone who has hand, finger or wrist pain.... YES I WOULD!!!!!


What is Far Infrared?

Far infrared rays are photons of light energy radiating within a specific measurement of wavelengths from 4 to 1,000 microns. Although, far infrared is invisible to the human eye, it can be felt. Many skeptics are somewhat astonished to discover a warm soothing feeling when they try on a pair of Prolotex™ Therapy Gloves.



  Far Infrared REGULAR FIT Gloves for Ladies

See details

Pair of Therapy Gloves

Color: Black
5 Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
Brand: Prolotex™
Sold in pairs


NEW for Spring 2016

Far Infrared Full Finger Therapy Gloves for Ladies

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NO Drugs, NO Surgeries, NO Pain!

Please! Don’t believe everything you read. We get really frustrated and “ticked off” at the Internet "fly-by-nighters" who profess that they have the “Secret Formula” that will stop years of crippling pain and anguish within 15 minutes of rubbing on their snake oil product - “Even if you've been suffering for years!” Give me a break!

Prolotex™ Therapy Gloves are unique in design, comfortable and effective. The far infrared rays emitted and reflected from our special patented materials safely increases circulation and helps to speed up the healing process in your hands. 

Through what’s known as “resonance absorption”, FIR increases the molecular functioning of your cells as it penetrates through the skin to the subcutaneous tissues. As your cells are illuminated with far infrared light rays of the same “frequency”, it actually boosts your body’s ability to heal itself. Now that’s amazing!

The severity of trigger finger varies from person to person. Although response to treatment varies, results are usually good. It is best to discuss progress with your healthcare provider on a regular basis. Release Surgery for this condition is not always the best option.





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Pair of CARPAL TUNNEL Gloves
Color: Black
5 Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

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Sold in pairs

NEW CARPAL TUNNEL Far Infrared Therapy Gloves by Prolotex™

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Yes, We ship Daily to
Australia & New Zealand



"I just wanted to let know how much your gloves have helped relax my hands.  Initially... I was very disappointed with the gloves when I first opened the package when it came in the mail but my girlfriend convinced me to try them. 

A Good Product

 Now after wearing them reasonably regularly for 3.5 week I noticed that my "triggered finger" is actually moving more freely and I may even postpone going to have the surgery my doctor wanted me to do.. You guys have a good product." Rob


Open Fingertip GLOVES

 Open Finger Gloves


Model of
Open Fingertip Gloves...
now available in 5 sizes

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Stretchy fit
safe & easy to wear all day!

S, M, L, XL, XXL

and come in:
Narrow, Normal, Wide

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