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Prolotex™ Socks - Good for the Sole

Prolotex™ Therapy Socks are scientifically designed to give Your feet the greatest level of comfort and support, while providing the healing benefits of far infrared light rays. You will simply LOVE wearing them.

Far Infrared Socks - SLIM FIT

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The soles & heels of your feet will enjoy the soft deep soothing sensation of warming relief. Sore achy toes will appreciate the silky smooth non-friction seam design.

Prolotex™ Socks - Creating a Buzz

Just a short time in the marketplace and Prolotex™ Far Infrared Therapy Socks are getting a lot of attention! These comfy socks are so soft on your feet, you are going to LOVE them. But that’s only the beginning... just read what this satisfied customer said about peripheral neuropathy relief!


May 2011

Just a quick testimony as to the wonderful benefits of wearing Far Infrared Therapy Socks and Gloves.

For the last two and a half years I have experienced chronic kidney failure. One of the acute side effects of chronic kidney failure is peripheral neuropathy in the feet and hands. My feet became totally numb and then ever increasing severe pain. This was followed by the condition spreading to my hands.

Specialist treatment provided no relief. In desperation my wife and I surfed the net and found Prolotex Far Infrared Therapy Socks and Gloves. From placement of order to arrival in Australia was only 5 days. Brilliant delivery time. After wearing the socks 24hrs a day for only a week the severe pain I had been experiencing stopped completely and has not returned after 2 to 3 months of wearing at the time of forwarding my testimony. With the success of the socks we ordered the gloves. Same result no pain and full use of my hands has returned.

The numbness in my feet is now improving and I have no doubt will be completely gone in the not too distant future. To be healed from this crippling condition peripheral neuropathy is an amazing blessing. As the intensity of the pain and condition of the feet continues to get worse, peripheral neuropathy can result in the amputation of the feet.

A special thank you to all responsible for these amazing natural products providing such blessed relief.

Blessings to you
Dennis G.
NSW Australia


Comfort Fit Socks

What's so special about Prolotex™ Therapy Socks??

Made with Special Bio-Ceramic impregnated fabric
Come in several different sizes
Available in Black or White
Superior comfort; cushioning for a better fit
Can be worn 24 hours a day
No additional creams needed
No electrical device needed
Socks are Washable 
Socks Retard bacterial growth
Heals cuts and scrapes faster
Improves toenail health
Reduces joint swelling and inflammation
Repairs sensitivity to your toes
Improves skin texture
Improves the flexibility of your toe joints
Improves the strength in your feet
Helps heal surgery scar tissue faster
Very cost effective therapy
Are the Best FIR Therapy Socks on the market today!


What I like about Prolotex Socks

I never write testimonials, but I have to write about these socks. My ankles & feet were swelling so that they looked deformed & I couldn't wear many of my shoes. I was taking medication to reduce water retention with little to no effect.

After wearing these socks [Relaxed Fit] for about 2 weeks my ankles and feet are no longer swollen. I stopped taking the medication & still they didn't swell. These socks have given me my cute shoes back & that's no small thing to a woman!

Joyce T. Georgia
(You have my permission to post the testimonial on your page.)


Infrared Socks

Good Idea!  The Gift that provides soothing comfort and pain relief…
  • Is there someone in your family complaining about having sore feet?

  • Do you know a friend or family member who doesn't like to go for walks?

  • Maybe they’re trying to avoid the pain and agony of sore feet?

  • Even if you just wear the Prolotex™ Socks at night, it’s enough to help reduce painful aches and cramps in your feet by morning.

  Far Infrared SOCKS - SLIM FIT
Far Infrared SOCKS - SLIM FIT
See details


Pair of Far Infrared Therapy Socks
Color: Black, Scarlett or White
Black - L, XL
White - M, L
Dark Scarlett - M Measure Here

For Men, Women
Sold in pairs
Our Thinnest Far Infrared Therapy Socks

Stretchy. Comes just above the ankle

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I purchased a pair of these socks last month for my 86 year old Dad who suffers from peripheral neuropathy in both of his feet. The pain has been almost unbearable. Within a week of wearing his new Far Infrared Socks he said that his pain has been reduced by 50%, and he wants another pair. We are thrilled, hence this order for another pair. Please feel free to use this reference.

Dianne P. New Zealand


  Far Infrared SOCKS - RELAXED FIT
Relaxed Fit Socks
See details


Pair of Far Infrared Therapy Socks
Color: Black or White
5 Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL  Measure Here

For Men, Women & Children
Sold in pairs

Non-Binding, Nonrestrictive
Far Infrared Therapy Socks by Prolotex™

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Therapy Socks


Non-Binding Socks - Perfect for Swollen Ankles, Diabetes & those who just like looser fitting socks

Black or White
5 sizes

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What I like about Prolotex Socks

G'day my wife's socks arrived in less than ten days ,fantastic service ,
thank you she has been suffering for a long time with swollen and painful
feet due to Diabetes and after only wearing the Socks for three nights for
two hours a time she has no pain or swelling and is walking so much better
it is almost unbelievable.

Once again thank you for an amazing product, will reorder soon.
Regards Michael C., Australia


Infrared "COMFORT FIT" Therapy Socks

 Infrared Socks

Comfort Fit Crew Socks - Perfect for relieving the pain of Arthritis.

Therapy Socks
4 sizes

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Prolotex™ Comfort Fit FIR Socks are formfitting and very comfortable to wear day and night.


Socks are soft and comfortable on your feet. You can easily improve the sensitivity and flexibility of your toes by simply wearing Prolotex™ Therapy Socks..

"I just have to let you know what a difference your socks made.  One evening I was a bit exuberant in doing some stretching and woke up the next morning with severe pains in the front of my ankles and down my shins.  I could hardly walk down the stairs to get my new socks.  I put them on and within about 20 - 30 min. was able to get around the house.  The severe pain was reduced to a bearable ache and I was able to get through the day.  I took them off in the evening and almost immediately the pain in the front of my ankles increased again.  I can't tell you how your socks helped me.  My only thing now is to have you guys make a longer sock that will cover my shins... up to the knee maybe like knee socks."

Thanks again for a great product.

S. Neuman


After my dad suffered a stroke the blood circulation in his feet and hands had been affected severly. Since he has been wearing your therapy socks the tingeling sensation in his feet has vanished almost completely. He is very grateful and I am thanking you on his behalf. Best, Sylvia W. UK





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